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    Pe9 encoding error



      This is my 1st post to the forum.  I have been searching the forum and the support knowledge base for an answer to this question with no success.I am very much a novice at video editing and processing.


      Here is my problem.  I have Pe9.  I have successfully burned my completed video to DVD, everything was fine.

      Video is captured in HDV1080i with a 1440x1080 frame size.

      I am now attempting to burn it to Blu-ray.  I added title and scenes to the movie-it only gets about 87% finished and I get an encoding error.


      I have a 2.6ghz processor (AMD); 2g ram; 60 mb free space on 144 m hard drive; OS is Vista; LG blu-ray burner connected on USB2;

      My scratch discs are on an external hard drive, 456g with formated to nfts 343 g free space, formatted to NFTS.  This drive is also USB2 connected.

      I have disabled all nonessential applications running in the background of my computer.

      I have adjusted the size of the virual memory paging file.


      I suspect the addition of title and 5 scene markers, but not sure.  Anybody have any ideas as to what might be wrong?


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          Welcome to the forum.


          First thing that I would look into would be those two devices on USB. Are they attached to the same controller chip? This can take a bit of detective work, as on many (most?) computers one might have, say two USB ports, but those are often runnning on one controller chip. USB 2.0 is very slow to begin with, and if the devices are on the same controller chip, that could be a fatal bottleneck.


          Also, 60GB free space sounds like a lot, but especially with BD, the working files are very, very large, and also, if the Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) is dynamically managed, when the 2GB of RAM is exhausted, the Page File comes into play, and will also grow quite large. Another consideration is that both PrE (working files) and the Page File want defragmented, contiguous free space, so having 60GB might not allow for the defragmented, contiguous space.


          Just thinking there.


          Good luck,



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            SEShildmyer Level 1

            Thanks Bill

            Both of the external devices are plugged into the same "line" of ports on the front of the column.  You are probably right, they are probably all on the same chip.

            The BR burner literature advised connecting with an ESata.  I just dont know if the MB in my computer has free connection for it.  I am "screwdriver" challanged, so will have the Geek Squad take a look and see if it can be installed.


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              The eSATA connection would be the best way to go, if at all possible.


              Depending on your MoBo, it might be a simple connection to an L-plate w/ connector, or perhaps an eSATA card added to a spare slot. While I have never used the Geek Squad, any competent tech should be able to look at the specs. of your MoBo (most are on-line, if you do not have the booklet that came with it), and determine the best way to go. An eSATA card should not be expensive, and should only require plugging it in, and at the most, adding a software driver for it. The latter will likely depend on the version of BIOS that your MoBo has. I have always had great results with SIIG cards (there are other good ones, that are a bit less expensive, but I have never had one problem with any SIIG), and HERE is one for a PCIe slot, to give you an idea. I have never used that particular card, so cannot comment directly on it.


              Good luck,