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    How to create this easy effect


      I'm a guy who's loving to edit game videos and I came up with this effect in my mind, which I just can't really make, because I don't know how to. I've looked all over the net, but those are different from my version. It shouldn't be hard for professionals.


      How can I create bright light which suddenly comes up on screen? From normal picture in one second everything is bright. Like, BAM! and everything turns white.


      For example, this CoD4 trailer, on 1:13 mark - guy shots and then this effect when everything comes bright.



      How can I do that?


      Big THANKS for every person helping me

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          Navarro Parker Level 3

          There are a few ways...


          Apply the Glow filter.  Try playing around with theshold, radius, and intensity. Switch to 32bpc color for really hot glows.


          You could also try it with an adjustment layer. Apply Fast Blur, crank up the radius. Then change the layer mode to "add".

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Vary the opacity of a solid that'a a complementary color to the primary tone in the shadows and lighter by about 50%. You don't want this too white. This solid should be set to a blend mode of Add or Screen. The project should be set to 32bit.


            Then drop an adjustment layer on top of the sandwich and apply the Color Correction>Exposure effect. This will give you the burn through the highlights effect. If you need more of a washout effect you can double up on the light solid.


            As an additional effect you can duplicate the footage, set the blend mode to Screen and then add bit of fast blur to blow out the highights. Put this layer just above the original layer and the solid.


            No animate opacity on the duplicate and/or the solids, animate the exposure and possibly offset, and animate the blur. You should have it. Here's a screenshot with the various layers masked to show their combined effects.


            Screen Shot 2011-08-01 at 4.56.03 PM.png