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    Poor Capture Options. Can't Log Clips. Cheap Samsung ... but still ... :(

    Pharther Phurther Level 1

      Mac User.


      My Samsung DV Camera isn't the best .. but at least I should be able to "Capture" the footage.


      Even with "Scene Detect" Off .. the tape will not continuously load. Maybe it's a crappy camera .. but why can't I just get the footage off it?


      I try to set the out point ( which I can only go sec / minute / frames at a time .. which sucks ) .. and then when I try the "In / Out" Capture .. it still stops and asks to save the clip.


      All I want is the tape to play thru.


      I try the transport .. and it is unresponsive .. so I have to use the cameras buttons.


      I bought it to loan out to friends so I don't have to give up my good camera.


      The same tape plays and captures in my good Sony.