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    2-page spread with crossover photo-Help


      How do I set up my 2-page spread properly and create the "gutter safety for crossover photos"? Do I do this in the ID file or is it done in the export? I am confused on this.


      I need to create a 2-page spread advertisement to submit directly to a magazine for print. I work for a small company and the design and creation is done in-house. I have CS5 Creative Suite and would like to set up my document in InDesign. The final product to deliver will be in PDFX-1a format.

      I don't have imposition software and don't create spreads that often. The specs/requirements are shown below:



      Full page 8 1⁄4˝x 10 3⁄4˝ Trim Size 8˝ x 10 1⁄2˝


      2-page spread* 16 1⁄4˝ 10 3⁄4˝ 16˝ x 10 1⁄2˝




      BLEED ALLOWANCE: 1⁄8" beyond trim.
      SAFETY MARGINS: 1⁄4" inside trim size.
      *Gutter safety for crossover photos: 1⁄4" total (1⁄8" each side). Both file and contract proof provided must reflect the 1⁄4" mirror image and be clearly marked, otherwise some loss of image in the gutter may occur due to perfect binding.
      *Gutter safety for crossover type headlines: 1⁄2" total (1⁄4" each side)
      PRINTING: Offset web
      Perfect bound

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          I don't quite understand the specs, myself ,so I would follow the first rule of graphic design and CALL the people who provided them to get a clear explanation.


          It SOUNDS to me like it should be sufficient to create a two-page spread with 1/8 bleed all around and export to PDF as single pages including the bleed, but I'd still call.