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    Waiting for a response from a web service.




      Is there a way to stop actionscript "bombing out" when a response isn't received from a web service? Currently, I am sending a large amount of data, including base64 encoded images to the web service - when the server processing takes longer than 60 seconds, actionscript generates a fault event. The actual fault code states that there is an error in decoding the soap reponse, but this is a bit of a red herring. I know this because I have created another web service that returns a simple string, but "sleeps" for a period of 70 seconds - the same error is generated. Whenever I set the sleep timer to just 50 seconds, the string is returned as expected. As soon as the sleep timer in the web service exceeds 60 seconds, the error is generated in action script. It appears that there is something within actionscript that generates an error when a response isn't received from a web service within 60 seconds. I have ensured the time-out on the server is set to 5 minutes, so this is definitely not an issue. I have even tested this by setting the server timeout to 20 seconds, and a proper error is generated on the server, which I can see in the event log.  Is there a way to increase the time actionscript will wait to receive a response?


      Many thanks