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    Getting bin-debug and bin-release to work

    roestigraben Level 1



      I am really stuck.


      I have my application working with a MySQL database (the application itself does not make any difference)


      When I compile and run the application with the menu ¨Run! and then ¨run main¨, everything is working nicely.


      But when I go into the bin-debug or bin-release directory and ask the application.html to open in in the browser, I just get my repeating error Screen shot 2011-07-24 at 5.42.57 PM.png


      Somebody told me that the gataway.php file should not be referenced as url: but I don't know what this means.


      It definitely has to do with the dataservice access, but my spanish is at the end on how to debug. Who can deblock me really (I am stuck since a good week on this.


      At the end what I want to do is to export the bin-release into a remote server (not the localhost) so to make the application available on internet.

      I thought that I can simply ftp the bin-release into that remote server and possibly adjust MySQL database access parameters.

      But I also need to something about the Zend Framework I guess.


      Please help



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          kokorito Level 4

          its because when you hit run in FB it is running the app in a local server

          if you open the file from Windows Explorer you wont be running in the local server.


          are you using WAMP? Do you have an icon in the systems tray? Click on that and open localhost, find the debug folder and run the html page from there. It will work becasue you are in the local server environment




          this might help



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            roestigraben Level 1



            I tried what you said and indeed it works nicely.


            My installation is MAMP and I copied the entire bin-release into the

            htdocs area and renamed the html as index.hmtl.


            What directed me the wrong way were several tutorial (Lynda.com)

            indicating that you can run direvctly from bin-release or bin-degug area

            by rightclicking the html wrapper file and run in a browser.


            Now, my next step is to put this application into a remote server and try

            it out on the web. Cross the fingers.


            Many thanks again



            nb: I will check the "answered" button in the forums.adobe.com so to get

            you the points well deserved .-)