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    Dynamic Text Scroll

    tlm_scripter Level 1
      I am trying to create a scroll pane that reads in xml and then creates two elements for each node of the xml, an image and text. As the xml is parsed, I have a movie clip that is duplicated and the image is loaded into the duplicated clip. This works great for the images, but when I try to do this for the dynamic text it fails.
      Here is some code:
      //the artWork is my scrollpane and the slideInfo is my dynamic text movie clip
      _root.artWork.attachMovie( "slideInfo", "text0", numLayers ) ;
      _root.artWork.text0.slideTextInfo.text="some dynamic text";

      If I have the duplicated dynamic text movie clip in the root it does work, but the problem is that I want to have the text as part of my scroll pane. I have also tested it out with static text and this works in the root and the scroll panel, but again, when I use the dynamic text it fails.

      One interesting thing is that I have my dynamic text clip as selectable text and the text does seem to get populated into the field because I am able to go to the field and select all, then copy and paste into my notepad. My dynamic text is there...I just cannot see it in flash.

      I have tried myMovieClip.attachMovie and myMovieClip.createTextField, but neither work. Is there soemthing I am missing with the dynamic text?