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    Monitor solutions?

    AndyKingInOC Level 4

      We're using windows machines here at work and I recently requested a larger monitor due to the size of some projects I've been working on lately.


      The former monitor was 1600x1200 max.  It worked OK once I moved the properties and filmstrip windows to my 2nd monitor.  I asked for a larger one with more height and I was brought a 24" 1920x1200, which didn't solve the problem, but it did allow me to move the filmstrip back to my main monitor.


      I might try turning the 24" to portrait and see if that helps.



      So that I can have an intelligent discussion with my manager and the IT manager, I'm wondering what pixel size monitors others are using?  Especially if you're building large size simulations?





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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I use a 1920x1200 laptop screen with a 24 inch widescreen monitor (oriented in landscape) also running 1900x1200.


          I use the option to Extend my screen with the second monitor, but I work in Captivate all on one monitor and dump all my other programs on the other.

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Andy,


            In college I also requested (and after 6 months waiting) got same type of 24" monitor, that I now combine with my laptop (1600x900). Mostly I keep Captivate on that big monitor and other apps on the laptop, but for some big projects I will float some panels and move them to my laptop as well. Perhaps I'll try once more to have a third monitor



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              AndyKingInOC Level 4


              I tried the portrait orientation but it was ridiculously tall and then severely truncated the right side of the activity.


              Changing to something larger isn't an option so I just need to live with it.  Most of our activities aren't 1200px tall, but the few that must be are challenging to create/update.  In general our (internal only) customers use desktops with two 1600x1200 monitors.  Lately we've been delivering more content to laptop users (managers, outside sales) and need to be more considerate of their laptop limitations.


              To give myself more vertical space, I tried moving the Timeline to my 2nd monitor and that was.. different.  I might experiment with it a little and see if I can live with that arrangement.

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                www.cpguru.com Level 4

                I'm using dual monitors 22 inch running at 1920 x 1080. I have Captivate on one of the screens and storyboards / windows explorer views / graphical assets etc on the other screen.


                This setup seems to work well for me and if I need more space on my main Captivate screen I move the properties panel over on the other monitor. I always keep the timeline on the same monitor as my main Captivate window. I tried moving it as well and that was just not productive at all ;o)



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