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    reverse "locked" stripes on timeline? red r3d clips

    westonwoodbury Level 1

      Hi all,


      Bit confused on what's going on.  I have a project will lots of mixed media, including some RED .r3d raw footage.


      Oddly, I'm opening the project now and some of my clips on the timetime have the "locked" stripes like when you lock the track, except they are running the other direction.  So, if I do lock the track, it creates crosses with these stripes.


      Does anyone know what this means?  There isn't any error notifations or anything, and the footage still appears in the bin, plays, etc without any problems.  It's just in the timeline that it's no longer working.  I can insert new clips from the same clip and it works, I can insert them on the same tracks as the striped stuff, and they work.  But these clips with the stripes show up as nothing, it's like they are disabled but they aren't.


      And ideas?


      - wb