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    QTVR video loading fail


      Hello all,


      this is the first time i am on this so sorry if i do something wrong.


      ok my specks for my PC is


      OS Win7 Ultimate

      CPU i7 950 oc to 4Ghz

      Ram 18Gb DDR3

      HDD 1.5tb 7200 rpm

      GPU GTX470


      i am creating a project that is due very soon and i have one major problem.


      I have a couple of panoromas made in pano2VR i imported it into director but every time after it loada about 5 of these it does not load the rest it just has a icon which looks like a broken flv icon. but when i play the exact same file on my mac it loads all the panoromas fine. so i can see that is is some thing to do with quicktime. i dont mind putting it on the mac but it lags a lot as it is not a very fast cpu. is there any way i can get it lod prperly in PC without the videos failing after 5 loads