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    Reloaded Pre Pro 5.5.0 and are now unable to access updates to 5.5.3



      Adobe Pre Pro Update Screen.jpgI am a student in New Zealand and saved up and purchased the Education Edition of Adobe Master Suite 5.5.0 and had upgraded using the two latest updates successfully to 5.5.3 and was very happy..

      Adobe Pre Pro Version No at Sign in about Pre Pro.jpg


      But soon after that disaster struck and I had a major disk problem so I uninstalled 5.5.0 and went back an reloaded from the original Adobe Master Suit CD disks on the same disk drive on the same 64bit pc expecting when I clicked on the updates after reloading that it would fine the 5.5.0 and update to 5.5.3 ..


      The interesting thing is that when I click Help from inside Adobe Premiere Pro and click Updates it show no new updates and states that all your applications are up to date…

      I may have found an Adobe Logic Bug …perhaps

      My next move was to download the current version of Premiere Pro 5.5.3 from the Adobe site thinking it would be the 5.5.3 latest version and it would overwrite the 5.0.0 …

      Again ”NO”

      I entered the serial No for the master suite and it said invalid…

      Does anyone here have any idea about how or what I should do as I cannot even find an email address on the adobe support site to use to send my screen images and serial no and student ID details for help…..

      02 08 2011