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    Finishing in AE vs. Smoke


      I was recently told not to finish my film in anything other than Smoke because apparently Final Cut and After Effects will create artifacts to the DPXs that were graded in Lustre. They told me that FCP and AE would mess with the color space and create artifacts on the rendered outputs. And it seems Smoke doesn't really change the DPXs, it just applies changes to them.


      I just want to do some simple repo work and stabilize a shot and unfortunately don't have the budget to go into a Smoke finishing.


      Is there an alternative?


      I was reading about the high precision floating point, which seems to be present in AE and even Apple Color, but not FCP.

      Could I bring in my final graded DPX sequence and do finishing work in AE or Color?


      Thanks in advance.



      (pronounced Joo-zeh, not Ho-zay - the portuguese pronounciation)