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    Flash CS5.5 is driving me crazy!


      As a desktop and mobile developer, I've upgraded to CS5.5 as soon as it came out.

      I loved the new features like the copy/paste layers, and all of the bitmap stuff (export/convert) which really saves me a lot of time during development.

      (and I could finally use air 2.6 to create iOS apps directly from the IDE.)


      BUT! I can't stand the constant memory errors (even a simple "convert to symbol" will get me an "insufficient memory" msg 1 out of 5 times...) and the random stupid crashes...


      is it just me?


      please try this example:


      1. draw a simple rectangle on stage. select it and convert it to a movieclip (F8) [Symbol1].

      2. draw a second rectangle next to the first one, again select it and convert it to a movieclip (F8)  [Symbol2].

      3. select both symbols (movieclips) and try to convert them to a single movieclip that contains both of them [symbol3].


      on my rig - this will crash flash.

      a simple "convert to movieclip"...