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    making a plugin to run hugin - a couple of questions

    Iain Malcolm Level 1

      I've started writing a plugin to pass a bunch of photos to hugin (panorama stitcher to start with)  (I have looked around for something to do this, and found opendirectly, but it


      I'm just wondering how I arrange to bring back the resultant image (or perhaps images) so they are associated with the originals.


      Also it would be useful to be able to keep the hugin project file as well.


      So far I assume I can

      1. pick up the currently selected photos using getMultipleSelectedOrAllPhotos
      2. use an internal export service to get the selected photos out as tiff files (which would also allow rescaling before passing to hugin)
      3. prepare a basic hugin project file
      4. invoke hugin through a lightroom task and wait till it finishes
      5. bring back the resultant file (somehow....??)
      6. also save the project file (somehow... ??) so hugin can be re-run starting from the settints previously used.


      Does this make sense?


      Any comments advice?