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    Cross Platform Application

    Abhishe Parashar

      Hello Everybody,


      We are trying to develop an application in our organization which should run on various tablets. Tablets can be either iOS, Windows, Android or Blackberry OS based. My question is:


      Would same code (with may be little customization) suffice for all or we would need to have seperate development (and effort) for various OS.


      If no seperate development are required then Flex 4.5 is an immediate purchase for us :)


      Also, please advise if people have experienced any major issues (especially with Chart components & Live data connectivity via webservices) while developing apps for non-windows based devices using Flex 4.5 or it's a smooth sailing.


      Any inputs will be greatly appriciated.





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          Rangora Level 3

          AIR is designed to allow you to do cross-platform development sharing the same code. In our organisation, I learned flash/flex and made a complex app (connection with a web server to share xml/images/audio), dynamic generation of forms, photo compression, drawing, pdf generation, custom widgets and a lot more) before the end of the trial version of Flash builder...


          We then brought it... You should download the trial and try it for a few days. You will see how easy it is to develop a solution that work on AIR, iOS, Blackberry tablet, Windows, Mac and Linux...


          For charts and live connectivity, you could check this application (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/samples/sales-dashboard-application.html).


          What you must know is that there are limitations (but Adobe is working to implement new features) to AIR. If you need to access a lot of sensors or native phone API, AIR might give you a hard time...


          Good luck!

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            Abhishe Parashar Level 1

            Thanks Rangora. Really appriciate quick help. We don't need to use native phone features - it's more of dashboard application where data will be displayed using drilldownable charts and I guess that should be a smooth run :)