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    InDesign CS5 7.0 Silent installation?


      Dear all,


      in our Company we use the Altiris Deployment solution for packaging and automatic deployment.


      We need to create a silent installation of Adobe InDesign CS5 (7.0).

      Our machines are running Windows XP SP3.


      The installation should be in language german, without an serial (trail). The serial will be inserted

      after installation from our IT-Department. All components have to be installed with the automatic



      The folder structure from the setupfiles is the following:







      Could someone tell me which commands I have to use to install the files? I think I will also need

      an customized "install.xml", is that right?


      I am looking forward to get some answers soon.


      best regards




      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
          <!-- Set this to reflect desired install location. -->
          <Property name="INSTALLDIR">C:\Program Files\Adobe</Property>


          <!-- Set this to reflect desired install language. -->
          <!-- Available languages: -->
          <!-- da_DK -->
          <!-- de_DE -->
          <!-- es_ES -->
          <!-- es_MX -->
          <!-- fi_FI -->
          <!-- fr_CA -->
          <!-- fr_FR -->
          <!-- it_IT -->
          <!-- nb_NO -->
          <!-- nl_NL -->
          <!-- pt_BR -->
          <!-- sv_SE -->
          <Property name="installLanguage">de_DE</Property>


          <!-- To serialize the application during installation, uncomment this -->
          <!-- property and replace the placeholder with your serial number.    -->
          <!-- Property name="serialNumber">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    -->


          <!-- AdobeInDesign7AppBase-mul -->
          <Payload adobeCode="{F9766AC1-1461-1033-B862-DF8FE1C033BE}">