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    How do you add scrolling to a view in TabbedViewNavigatorApplication?


      This is a mobile app for iOS.


      This particular view includes a series of questions. Answers are posted at the top, with new questions appearing below, meaning that the page gets longer and eventually extends somewhat below the bottom on landscape view.


      Thanks to another post, I was able to work out that mx.core.FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.aspectRatio reliably returns either "landscape" or "portrait." The other width and height variables do not seem to be reliable.


      Listening to the ViewNavigatorEvent.REMOVING event reliably allows me to re-orient components, using Actionscript, as the user changes the orientation.


      The final part of the solution is to add scrollbars on the landscape view, so that things in that orientation don't become inaccessible.


      So the question is: How does one add scrolling to a View in TabbedViewNavigatorApplication, in a way that allows the user to re-orient the device as desired?


      I know I'm supposed to wrap the scroller around the component. I've tried this in multiple ways, and haven't stumbled on the right method (Im more familiar with Flex 3 than with Flex 4). I haven't seen a solution posted anywhere, though I have read Adobe documentation stating that it is possible. I've read the posts in this forum back to the release of Flex 4.5.1 and haven't seen a solution. Copy and paste code, including import statements, would sure be appreciated.