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    Cirrus as part of commercial project

    Bart MM

      I was digging through the Cirrus licence agreement to find out if we can use Cirrus for a specific project but I got a bit confused so I thought I might as well ask the question here:


      We make websites and games for use in end-consumer marketing, the typical 'brand-experience' fare, and tie into other materials or campaigns. For the end user they're free to use (and since it's for brand/product promotion there's no micro transactions or ingame ads because, well, the whole thing is an advert


      We like to do a game that has an seperate multiplayer mode where we'd use a combination of our own rest-server/database and the cirrus as the matchmaking channel so the game clients can locate the other players.


      So my question is: if we make this work, are we allowed to deploy this application using Cirrus and a developper key?



      My confusion: for us this is a commercial project (we get paid to make this) but it's used as advertising: for the end user it is free. On the other hand, we will be collecting information from the users (opt-in & legal). There may or may not be some rewards involved (incentives so users will opt-in for registration).

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          Hi Bart,

          did you find some answer to your question ? I have the same problem, i'm wondering if developper key has some limitations, i can't find if i must purchase some license and if so, what is the price.



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            olivier michon

            would like to know too

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              +1 Would like to know about limitations.

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                scopart Level 1

                ok, so i've found some aswer to this problem, you can't use Cirrus for a comercial project, you must use instead LiveCycle collaboration service.


                here you can find more about this : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashmediaserver/articles/p2p_apps_cirrus_lccs.html


                have a nice day everyone :-)



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                  Bart MM Level 1

                  So far no news. It looks like you'll still need FMS Enterprise for this. It's really expensive but if you want you can get it on Amazon AWS, it works nicely (still costs quite a bit of money per month since it's bundled to expensive instances and limits connections).


                  There's also an open source project Cumulus (https://github.com/OpenRTMFP/Cumulus) but it's status is unclear (unfinished) and they obstruct commercial use by using GNU licence.


                  Also note Adobe tends to be easy on the (ab)use of Cirrus, you can start up with Cirrus and then change to something else when traffic picks up, but by that time you'd better be prepared to overpay on FMS features you won't use.


                  Best bit (not!): it's like this for like a year or more. I'm not sure what Adobe is playing at, Flash P2P could be awesome but it's limited by this senseless path to commercialisation.


                  Why offer a limited Cirrus for free without a good path to commercial application? Why put P2P in FMS Enterprise and take $4000+? We don't need the streaming and scripting stuff but just want the discovery/holepuncher service, but unlimited and commercial. Like release Cirrus, get $500 each and let the web games explode (Stage3D and P2P would be a nice combination).


                  I guess CREAM

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                    As far as I heard during Max 2011, Adobe announced that they are putting p2p rtmfp support into non Enterprise version of FMS.

                    Can’t tell you when it will be effective, but it was announced.


                    Regarding Cumulus beware, because currently Cirrus(Stratus) is proprietary technology and if Cumulus is based  on a subset of Cirrus (which I don't know) it might be illegal, which seems to me not an option to build a commercial business on it...



                    Best regards.


                    Cedric Madelaine (aka maddec)

                    analogd interactive

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                      Bart MM Level 1

                      LCCS is nice but it's more for Enterprise communication sollutions: it's less low-level then Cirrus and so you don't have a lot of freedom,.


                      Also note this bit from the article you posted: "On the other hand, when using LiveCycle Collaboration Service, only audio and video streams are sent using P2P—no byte/text data. In a video chat scenario, audio and video streams are transferred using P2P when possible, but text chat, whiteboard, or mouse position data are sent using hub-and-spoke."


                      This is bad for the cool P2P stuff since you'll be sending your game data over the hub instead of between peers. As far as I know it doesn't even use the NetStream/NetGroup stuff but some prebuild elements that let you quickly build like conference rooms and whiteboards, but not that custom massive user game platform distributed NetGroup construct you allways dreamed of building. And it's SaaS so Adobe keeps a hand in your wallet 24/7.