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    Data/Services image location to Bitmapimage

    whitefinger Level 1

      OK so i have created my php class and imported it to Flash builder, i then draged the function to my custom Data List and replaced the static array data with the data from my php function all good all data is now shown on my web site dynamically


      <s:RichText d:userLabel="Age" x="39" y="22" color="#f9fcf8" fontFamily="Myriad Pro"
                          fontSize="13" kerning="off" lineHeight="120%" text="{data.ageyears}"
                          x.normal="59" y.normal="22">


      Apart from the images, the image on my web site that i wanted to create dynamicly are stored on my server for my old website and finds them from a mixture of a string location and a vairable of the clients $ID. which i have placed in a variable and was hoping to link it to the image place holder in flash builder but it doesnt work


      here is the code with the static image:


      <s:BitmapImage d:userLabel="PicPlate" x="5" y="96" width="118" height="84" smooth="true"
                             source="@Embed('/assets/images/image04.jpg')" y.normal="93"/>


      So me being me thought i could just do this:


      <s:BitmapImage d:userLabel="PicPlate" x="5" y="96" width="118" height="84" smooth="true"
                             source="{data.Pic_loc}" y.normal="93"/>


      But apparently not!


      Pic_loc:= IMAGES/147/image01.jpg and the number changes depending on the client so each client gets there own pic!