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    RoboHelp 9 and SharePoint


      I have created a Web Help project using RoboHelp 9. It seems to work fine, and there do not seem to be any issues with the project. Or at least no issues that I can see.


      My problem is that when I copy the contents of the !SSL!/WebHelp folder (and all its sub-folders) for this project onto our SharePoint site, I can run the SharePoint-based Web Help from my computer, but other users cannot. When they click the file <ProjectName>.htm, either nothing happens or their browser goes into a "waiting for..." state without the Help actually opening.


      Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on here? Or, more appropriately, how to fix this?



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Jamie.


          Is there a reason why you don't just use the WebHelp publish feature to publish directly to SharePoint? Check out this video if you want to consider doing this. That said, I think the problem here could be the settings you are using in your single source layout. Try experimenting with the optimize speed settings to ensure they are set for your SharePoint environment.

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            Jamie_McDonald Level 1

            First of all, thanks for your suggestions.


            And yes, Colum, I really do want to use the WebHelp publish feature to publish directly to SharePoint. To my mind, it's the right solution. The problem is, I just cannot get it to work in my environment (which has a number of security restrictions and outright quirks). Unless I know exactly what needs to be "opened up" to allow me to publish directly to our SharePoint site, I don't see how I will be able to use the publish feature.


            I also cannot get the video you recommended to run. Probably because of the same security restrictions. I'll try watching it later from another computer that's not part of our very restrictive network.


            I will investigate your very good suggestion that I try to optimize my speed settings with the those of our SharePoint site. Two questions, though: Where do I go to optimize the speed settings in RoboHelp? And is there somewhere in the SharePoint environment where I can see what settings it's looking for?

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              The video (when you manage to get it running) will help you understand what is required to be set-up inside RoboHelp. Basically the optimization settings are controlled from the Navigation Options inside your WebHelp single source layout. The Optimise Speed for Websites option would be worth trying as this is designed for slower connections.


              BTW I asked about the publish feature because you said you generated the output and then copied the files to the SharePoint site. My point was that once you have generated your WebHelp output you can automatically copy all the files at the touch of the publish button. All you need to do is set-up the path to the SharePoint site in the Publish options of your single source layout. Again the video link should explain all.


              Let us know how you get on.


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                Jamie_McDonald Level 1

                Okay, I have been continuing my research and testing.


                Yes, I understand and agree that using the publish feature is the easiest, and preferred, way to get my files on to the SharePoint server. The good news is that with the help of our IT guy, I have been able to get the access I need to use the publish feature. All of which makes my life easier.


                I also found the speed optimization settings, and they are set for Web Site (Internet) optimization. I will try the Local PC setting -- just for fun (and because I've really got nothing to lose).


                I still have my original problem: I can run the Help from our SharePoint site, but no one else can.


                Any ideas?

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                  Regiolanthe Level 1

                  I'm sure you've figured this out by now (months later), but you have to make sure that you check-in the files (and it looks like ALL generated files, unfortunately).