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    Javascript flattenPages in Extend Features in Acrobat Reader


      Pretend I know nothing about Javascript. Here is my scenario:


      I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, I am creating a pdf with forms for my sales reps to fill out and save in Adobe Reader. That works fine, but when they save the pdf (and send the filled in pdf to their dealers) I want the forms to flatten so it is no longer editable. I created a button with the Javascript




      That worked awesome in Acrobat Pro, but when I Extend Features in Acrobat Reader it did not work when I opened the pdf in Reader. (Actually, it did not work in Acrobat either until I saved a copy and got rid of the extended features.)


      This seems like it should be a super easy thing to accomplish, I just don't have the knowledge of Javascript. My first question is can I do a script like this and not have it disabled in Reader. And the obvious second question is HOW??? And, by the way I DO NOT HAVE Livecycle Reader Extensions. Oh, actually my first question should be is Javascript the way to do this? Maybe there is another way and I've been looking in the wrong place.


      Any help on this is greatly appreciated.