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    Getting Crisp Bitmap Images Using "Place"?

    Daniel Gifford

      I am having difficulty getting consistent results when placing bitmapped images in InDesign. Would somebody please give me their method of placing bitmapped images so that they appear sharp and crisp in InDesign and when exported to .PDF? Yes, and I have display performance set to high quality. Example: I take a screenshot, which is saved at 100% scale @ 96 DPI as .png (png-24). When I place that .png into InDesign, the image is not as crisp. I haven't rescaled it in InDesign. I expect the image to be as crisp as the original, but it is not. Also, I would really like to scale the image to 50% to fit my spread, but that produces an unusable blurry image.


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Our design team is struggling with this, and we are not happy with InDesign output right now.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Can you instruct your design team to take a look at what these images look like in the PDF?


          Make sure they are not doing one of these things:


          (a) Make critical decisions for images based on what they see in InDesign

          (b) Import high-resolution images, or force a low- or medium-rez image to a high-rez one by reducing it a lot [*]

          (c) Have all images perfectly in order but mess up the final output by choosing a low threshold for forced downsampling in the PDF Export dialog

          (d) "Print to file", with the intent of distilling the generated PS, with the option "downsample for printer" checked


          [*] By that I mean WAY beyond what's regular, making the default downsampling-on-export above 450 DPI kick in.