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    Can someone translate these broadcast file specs?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -

      I'm totally confused by these Comcast broadcast specs -  http://vpcinc.net/ftp/RCA/Masons Spots/OMC Encoding Standards.doc


      Over the past years I've made some AE animations (CS5/Mac10.6) that were posted on the web.  Now the question is, "can I do the same for TV?".  But the spec sheet doesn't even mention After Effects!  Suddenly I have to make decisions that I've never made before and I hope  I can get some clear insight from the experienced folks here.


      The spot will contain a short video (7-9 seconds) but the rest of the 30sec will be audio with stills and text.


      If the spec sheet doesn't mention After Effects does that mean I have to use FCP - which IS mentioned?  (How do I make animations in FCP??)


      Let's say, for simplicity sake, I decide to work in SD.  That means that the short video clip should be shot at... what camera settings?  The spec sheet shows 720x486, 720x480 and 720x512.... so do I shoot at 4:3 or 16:9 (or what is NTSC-CCIR 601/DV ??).


      Can someone translate this for me and help me grasp the specs to follow for shooting and outputing this project?


      TIA your patience and input.



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          Navarro Parker Level 3

          The SD specs are all 4:3 formats (look at the aspect ratio row). You can shoot in 16x9, but will need to letterbox it. I think Final Cut is mentioned just because its so widely used. And the fact they accept Quicktime & ProRes is important to know (it's arguably the best quality delivery format of the four choices they give you, but will also be the biggest files to upload.)


          Use the AE NTSC D1 or NTSC DV preset and you'll be golden.


          Be sure to render using the DV Render Setting to get correct field rendering. Configure the Output Module to Quicktime movie with ProRes 422. with uncompressed 16bit / 48KHz audio (if there is audio). Tell ProRes it's interlaced footage by clicking the 'Format Option' button, then the 'Codec Option' button in the Output Module settings.


          Or render to an uncompressed format and use another media encoder. (iFFMPEG is my favorite for MPEG-2, Handbrake for h.264)

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            jl2000 Level 1

            Navarro - Thank you so much for such a comprehensive reply.  If you don't mind - I'd like to leave it marked as "unanswered" until I more fully understand your instructions.  I appreciate your patience.


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              jl2000 Level 1

              Navarro -

              I get it!  Thanks to you. I appreciate your input.