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    Does H264 (MP4) give you the best quality results for the filesize ?

    Mr Bansaw Level 1

      I am looking to export a long timeline.
      Obviously uncompressed AVI gives you thes best quality,   but I am looking to export a smaller file but retain the quality.

      I have found H264 (MP4) give me the best quality file for the size.  (The best bang for the buck).

      Do you have a different opinion?

      (I am exporting from Adobe Premiere.  I tried the Xvid MP4 setting but it crashed Premiere as did the 3ivx.
      The problem with the H264 MP4 Premiere is creating right now is that is exports "corrupted" when it exports\
      a 2hour timeline.  I don't know why?  Smaller timelines it exports ok.)