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    Single Screen Print Snippet in Multiple Topics - Rectangle Maps Depending on Topic


      Our firm uses RoboHelp 7 HTML.


      Our training department is thinking of using RH7 as a self-guided training platform.


      We have been experimenting with a single snippet in multiple topics and trying to overlay a rectangle image map on different portions of the snippet depending on the topic.


      They have found that the rectangle image map is not unique to the topic but to the snippet image, meaning that all the images in the topics contain the same image map.


      Is this addressed in RH9 which we are considering buying or is there another method to do this.


      Please refer to the images below which were created in snagit as a guide to what we are trying to accomplish.




      7-28-2011 11-12-59 PM.png


      Topic 1


      7-28-2011 11-11-59 PM.png

      Topic 2

      7-28-2011 11-10-59 PM.png

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I have been trying to persuade Adobe that Snippets should be able to have placeholders other than variables. I have in mind where you need to add a step in a specific instance of a snippet. There I have in mind text or simple images. If even that would help you or anyone else with other work, then please submit a feature request.


          The more people who report a bug or request a feature, the more likely it is to be actioned. Please follow this link.




          Your particular request is a bit different in that not only do you want different images, you want them to have hotspots. By all means submit a feature request but it would not surprise me if that presented a different challenge. If an image is inserted into a variable in RoboHelp 9, the Image Map hotspots are disabled in the menu so you cannot create such a graphic in a variable. I'm thinking they would not be disabled if it could be made to work.


          It does look as if you cannot do what you want to with either RoboHelp 7 or 9.


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