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    Open File in Reader or Acrobat


      I have Acrobat 8 and Reader X installed on my PC (Vista Business). After installing updates for both programs over the past few months I have lost the default toolbar on documents I download from the web and need to use F8 to get a toolbar. In addition, last week I had an "accessibility" screen pop up when I opened a document and took me through a number of set-up screens so that my documents no longer open up the same size and also appear fuzzy until I manually enlarge them, and finally, I notice that my documents always open with "Acrobat Standard" rather than Reader. So now I'm wondering if Acrobat and Reader conflict with each other. If I have Acrobat do I really need Reader? Is there a way to force Reader to open the document instead of Acrobat? If I get rid of Reader will this fix all the issues I have (no toolbar, fuzzy looking docs)? I don't know who makes the decisions to "update" but everything WAS working fine until the updates.