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    app.mailmsg causing Adobe X to crash


      I have designed a form in Adobe Acrobat.  The form is passed along a workflow using email.  The users wanted a combination of action emails (contain the form) and update emails that are just text.  In order to send the update emails I am using the app.mailmsg command in my submit button.  As I was developing the form I was using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, and Adobe Reader 9 to test and had no problems.


      Recently one of the users of the form tried using it with Adobe Reader X and the form crashed when she clicked submit.  The error is:


      Adobe Reader has stopped working
      A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Please close the program.


      This error only happens in Adobe Reader X and when I comment out the app.mailmsg line the form works fine.  I have even tried removing the dynamic values for email and subject, but it doesn't make a difference.  It crashes no matter what.


      Has anyone else experienced problems with app.mailmsg in Reader X?