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    The future of ActionScript


      Will AS3 die if flash ceases to exist in the long run?


      Recently with the anoucement of the Adobe Edge I came clear to me that adobe is betting on flahs and HTML5 just in case.

      For the web personally I think that flash is going to contribute a lot and Adobe will gain a large edge.

      But what about AS3 will it cease to exist ? Will it be used as a backbone even if the final product is generated in HTML5 technologies? Will it be used for application development?

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          How many technologies have ceased to exists ?  People still program in COBOL,Powerbuilder and alot of other so-called "dead" languages.  I looked at EDGE and it looks nice, but it still seems like something that is on the graphical end of the spectrum, closer to Photoshop, Flash and CSS, i.e. not something that you would create a full blown application with.  For that, you are still going to need something that can handle the business logic.


          Where Adobe is going with EDGE, HTML5, Flash,Flex I don't know.  I don't think anyone does as a matter of fact, including Adobe since the technological landscape is changing so fast.  However, I do look forward to the blending of technologies (especially in the Adobe family)  that awaits us in the future.

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            SpaghettiCoder Level 3

            As long as it doesn't morph into Objective C...


            it's all good...

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              b470u Level 1


              I dont care that much about Objective-C


              I use C for stuff like CUDA OpenMP OpenCL parallel computing
              Java for some applications and network on server side stuff
              ActionScript more for applications because of the easiness to do and interface etc compared to using OpenGL or DX
              also you find API or libraries for most things. Which not only makes fun and enjoayble to program in AS but also fast.

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                b470u Level 1

                For the Web,


                Honestly I see HTML5 as mory likelly to be the future for two reasons no plugins on the client side and universal support.
                But Adobe with his flash knoledge can make the first wave of next HTML5 productivity tools easely.


                My doubht is ActionScript itself. Supose that HTML5 replaces flash as the solution for rich internent content .... fine!

                But ActionScript is also for applications on other platforms my doubht is is there future for AS in a non flash using internet just for applicaiton development or is it at the long term dommed even if its a good language.


                The COBOL argument i totaly get it but I'm asking more ideias on AS future itself not so much flash.


                By example I see a great issue in not being able to use C++ code insede AS because CUDA OpenCL and OpenMP related stuff, however at least OpenCL might be usable in flash 11 .... its similar to java to this date its major strong point is you can easely put an application on another machine but java is a software development language from its origins C++ by example its not its used for but as an example (aside ist almost universal support somehow to anything) OpenGL programimg interface programing yuck to be polite. Just look how much time do you take to program an graphics application using C or C++ and OpenGL if not using a engine or tool a compare it to AS3 .... (AS3 quicks in development time but in compatibility and 3D and parallel computing support ....)

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                  Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

                  I don't know. I haven't looked at my crystal ball recently but:


                  Flash Player 11 is round the corner with 64 bit support, Stage3D and much more



                  I still think Flash has an Edge when it comes to Enterprise Applications (with Flex and Java) and to Brand Sites (with Flash or Flex).


                  - Enterprise Applications because of BlazeDS and LCDS that offer excellent performance

                  - Brand Sites because you can blend videos with realtime 3D and vector graphics all at the same time to create cutting edge experiences, not to mention the sound capabilities


                  HTML 5 is doing impressive things (for HTML) but still behind compared to Flash. I'd say that HTML 5 can replace Flash in 80% of cases but not in these 20% for critical enterprise applications or cutting edge brand experiences.


                  Advantage to Flash:

                  RIAs expose a lot of business logic, AJAX is not good at hiding that, Flash can be encrypted using the right tool


                  Advantage to HTML 5:

                  Fully searchable and accessible


                  If Flash is banned from iOS, it is strongly present on Android Smart Phones and Tablets where you can use Flash Player in a browser and run AIR applications.


                  When it comes to iOS, I wouldn't use Flex and publish to iPhone or iPad, because it doesn't do a good job at converting that to a native iOS app, i.e, it's sluggish. Objective C (or HTML 5 for that matter) is definitely the way on iOS.

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                    kokorito Level 4

                    so what is going to take over from Actionscrpt? Javascript?

                    Javascript is long long way from actionscript.

                    Even now the google web toolkit allows you to write your app with java and its compiled to javascript for you.

                    So even if the final UI is HTML5 rather than Flash then any serious programming is going to be done in a 'higher' OOP like AS and compiled

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                      b470u Level 1

                      That's my opinion also ....

                      But here I'm more focused on the non Web usage of ActionScript
                      which most seam to ignore in the origianal post ....

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                        b470u Level 1

                        And how much time did it took to flash to get to that point?
                        I'm more interested in the non HTML5 related usage of flash ....
                        HTML5 in my opinion will in the long term be the standard that replaces what flash does for the web rich multimedia content provider
                        however, this will be achieved with a massive contribution by Adobe.

                        But, again my question is not if flash will live on or HTML5 will fully replace him... but will actionscript survive only for aplication development has it a future if yes what possibilities opinions.

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                          Flash can also be made searchable, however it requires a lot extra effort of implementing alternative content.


                          What I would like with the alt content is to be able to use CMS tables, and use something like Joomla for the alt content, but flash for the front end if flash in supported by the browser.


                          Do you think it is possible?


                          Best regards,

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                            Adobe recently upgraded Flash Professional and renamed it Adobe Animate CC. Does this mean they are committed to ActionScript, or do they plan to replace it with Javascript or some other language in the near future?