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    What Web Software should I use

    dvollmer57 Level 1

      I have a small business and I am looking to create a website for the business. In have used in the past GoLive 7.0.2 but now I am not sure if my software is so outdated that it might be better to upgrade. I also have Adove Creative Suite Premium but I dont know the version and I use InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator all the time. I would like some advice as to what would work best for me.


      I also am a bit confused about the different design techniques. Is it better to use tables or CSS? Also is there a good website that has tutorials on the various methods of webpage design. I want to use the website initially as more of an informational site to show the products I offer and If things go well I may look at expanding into e-commerce by taking orders online. I appreciate your input so I can go in the right direction as far as webpage development software is concerned.