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    Windows 7 64 bit Preview Pane issues with .PDF files


      I have some users that are experiencing some issues when using the Preview Pane in Windows explorer to preview .PDF files. They are able to preview on average 20-30 documents, and then the preview pane stops displaying and .PDF files. It continues to display other documents types (Word, Excel, etc.).


      I have seen documentation on the registry fix for the "No Preview Available" issue, but this is not the problem we are having and we have the correct value for the registry key related to that issue.


      I have been able to fix this issue by opening taskmgr and killing the AcroRd32.exe and prehost.exe processes.


      This is occuring on machines with Acrobat Standard X and Acrobat Pro X.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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          Yes i'm having this issue to.

          Becomes worse after display many documents in pane, worst even if scanned images are in.

          After killing the  process, sometimes it generate even more process.

          After Killing all the process, sometimes need to deactivate the pane view and activate

          again to restore normal preview.

          Sometimes it takes a lot of time to progress to file below, if i wait, going to files above, it pass

          the file that shows delay, without any problem.


          I add received from Microsoft, in answer to the same issue to uninstall adobe reader and install

          latest version. It become a bit more stable, but problem still shows.


          Abobe reader: 10.1.0, ATI latest drivers 11-07


          Please, Help!