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    Invalid value for parameter 'using' of method 'export'.


      I am trying to export a PDF from InDesign 5.5 using AppleScript in Mac OS Lion.


      My code is in exactly the same format as shown on page 47 of the Adobe InDesign CS5, Scripting Guide: AppleScript.  This is the same in the new 5.5 guide.


      That is


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"

      tell active document

      export format PDF type to "Macintosh HD:Users:admin:Desktop:OUTBOX:testfile.pdf" using PDF export preset "sRGB100dpi"

      end tell

      end tell


      No matter what I type in for a preset value, either a built in value or one I have created, I get the same error messge.  If I run the export without the preset, it works fine.  If I add the "without showing options" clause at the end, the code won't compile.


      My full error is:

      error "Adobe InDesign CS5.5 got an error: Invalid value for parameter 'using' of method 'export'. Expected PDF export preset, but received 1346794356." number -128


      This problem looks similar to a discussion involving InDesign Server and javascript.


      Any suggestions appreciated.