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    Partial Wipe Effect


      Is it possible to perform a partial wipe effect in adobe flex?


      I am using a parallel wipe effect in which I am doing a wipe to remove an object from location and a second wipe to make the object appear in another location.  I am using this wipe effect to visualize a task completion.  For example, if 30% of the object is wiped away on one side and 30% is showing up in the other location, then the task is 30% done.


      Is there a way to control the wipe effect such that I can request that only X amount be performed, then later do the next X amount, etc?


      Or altenatively, is there any eventHandler I can add to the parallel effect where I can pause the effect after a certain percentage is complete?

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          broconne Level 1

          I have been playing with this on and off for a few days and still don't have a good solution.


          I have tried using the xFrom,yFrom,xTo,yTo properties and it still always wipes the entire image.



          Any pointers or items to look at?