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    Data Merge Error - No Placeholders Present

    Daniel Flavin Level 4

      My Data Merge document has 8 fields on the Master Page. I can preview the records, toggling through the records (there are only twelve).

      Create Merged Document errors with "Cannot create merged document because no placeholders are present".

      I have checked the fields repeatedly; curser in a field shows correct on the Data Merge Panel. My source csv is up to date.


      I have exported a inx from CS3 and CS4 errors the same. Saved the csv file to txt, tab delimitated, removed the Data Source and selected data source, txt file, identical results.


      It's a 12 record data merge...could have keystroked all this 5 times over by now, but, if it's a problem, I feel compelled to fix it. 


      Win Vista, CS3 & CS4 fully patched to 5.0.4 & 6.0.6


      Data Merge Error 1.pngData Merge Error 2.png