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    Some advice about target tracks


      Still kind of a Premiere noob, I'm finding the target track procedure to be overly complicated - so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Correct me if I'm wrong: To do a 3-point overwrite edit from the viewer to the timeline, the target track has to be selected AND the track has to be highlighted. If an extra track is highlighted, the overwrite edit will simply delete all media in the selected track even if that track has not been targeted. If I'm putting a mono audio track onto the timeline and have followed all of the procedures BUT a stereo track (which supposedly can't be targeted and is therefore presumably inert) is still highlighted above my mono track, the overwrite will place the audio on the highest mono track below the selected stereo track even if I've targeted and highlighted the track I want the audio on.


      I'm trying to avoid an endless world of dragging from the viewer, and the efficiency of keeping my hands on the keyboard as much as possible which seems pointless if I'm going to have to select and target and deselect a bunch of tracks every time I want to do something as simple as a copy/paste onto the same track.


      So am I doing something wrong here?


      Thanks as always for any and all feedback.