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    Cross pencil issue with kSetItemLockDataCmdBoss


      I am new on the InDesign CS5.5. So please bear with me if my question is naive.


      I got a question during working on porting CS4 to CS5.5. I found that InDesign added a visiual indicator, which is a small cross pencil, to indicated that the text box edition is forbidden after processing the command kSetItemLockDataCmdBoss. This visual indicator is not working in indesign CS4 (the placement is not right), which is a known bug, thus we added our own custom adornment, which works fine. But in CS5.5 we have another problem. When I create a document and place story, lock page items, zoom in,  this visual indicator seems works, and appear on the top left of the the document. But it showed two text lock icon on the document--one is our custom adornment, the other one is from kSetItemLockDataCmdBoss. How can we get rid of the adorment from CS5.5 itself, which is a small crossed pencil, from kSetItemLockDataCmdBoss. Is this visual indicator working in the InDesign CS5.5?