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    How to Change text box formatting in Acrobat X.1?


      In Acrobat 8 it is intuitive & easy to change text in a comment textbox. We have been forced to upgrade because of advised inconsistencies between Acrobat 8 & OSX 10.6.8. Is this so?


      Acrobat X is clunky, The only way you can get line spaces to stick is to type in the small comments pane to the right. Also if you change the text size or colour by highlighting the text & using command e – you immediately lose all your line spaces when you click outside the box – you must then put the spaces back in the small comments pane to get them to stick - diabolical!


      Acrobat X is a big step backwards in ease of use – Another problem is with cut & paste from iCal to do Lists – if you want this to match the text box rather than the origional size you must paste it into the little comment box rather than in the text box proper. This would be more workable if you could change the width of the comments list box as you can on the left with bookmarks & page display etc - Adobe please add this to the list


      At the moment I cannot change the default colour of the text in the comments list - for some unknown reason mine is very light grey & I cannot change it.


      Does anyone know how? I can change the text font & colour in the text comment box in the pdf file, by highlighting it & using Command E, but these changes are lost when you are forced to put your spaces in using the comments list dialog- all the text changes back to grey. This effectively means we cannot comment in colour anymore, that is if you want to line space your text or use cut & paste - How useless is that


      Can someone please tell me I am wrong & offer solutions to these problems?