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    Can't Premiere Use More of My Computer's Resources?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Is there any way I can get Premiere to use more of my system's resources for everything it does?  Espececially for rendering and exporting?


      I have 24 GB of ram, and an i7/980x 6 core, and the MOST I EVER see Premiere use of my system resources is 30% for the CPU and up to 40% of my memory when I have many of the CS5 programs open (Encore, Premiere, Media Encoder, AE, PProHeadless.exe).


      Either I should have paid for a less expensive computer since the bulk of the power isn't being used, or....  ?  Premiere isn't using everything I've got.  I don't expect it to max at 100%, but 80-90% would be nice.


      Any suggestions?


      I have my memory set up for "Performance" and 21GB of 24GB Ram to be shared by Adobe Suite programs. I have it set to the max.

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          tfi productions 44 Level 1



          i think one of the main bottlenecks on a system is going to be your disk setup


          since you seem to have everything else topped out (cpu, ram...)


          are you using a raid, what speed are your disks (i dropped 7200rpm drives and have all 10k drives)


          my next step is to set up a real raid with a real raid controller, nothing onboard, but a good raid card

          like Harm says to do


          also,  i am looking to OC my i7 930 from 2.8GHZ to 4.2GHZ


          these seem to be the only 2 areas i need to work on...



          perhaps some of this helps...




          open up task mananger and resource monitor and maybe even use process explorer

          to identify where your bottleneck is...(it's a fun game to play, watching everything go by...)

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            Toomany3 Level 1

            I'm on a 3 disc RAID-0 for my footage, scratch, previews, etc.  And my OS and CS5 are sitting on a SSD drive.  I don't know how much faster I can make it go.

            FWIW, my Windows Experience Index is a 7.7 out of 7.9.  The 7.7 is coming from my primary hard disk that could use some tweaking as I'm getting SATA II speeds instead of SATA III like I should.  That would be a huge speed difference from about 260MB/s to 500MB/s, but either way, a primary drive bottoming out at 260 MB is VERY fast.


            The RAID could probably be tweaked too, but it's pushing around 240 MB/s if I remember right from the last time I tested it.


            Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't know if that's it.  When I watch my resource monitor, my disk speed certainly isn't capping out.  That ranges from 8 MB/s to around 60 MB/s whenver I'm exporting.

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              tfi productions 44 Level 1



              well that was a fast response

              the same as your system


              hopefully someone with more knowledge will soon comment


              best of luck, something will turn up...



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                westonwoodbury Level 1

                It's throttled by all sorts of factors, unfortunately, just CS5 / CS5.5 being 64-bit doesn't ensure all of that all of the codecs, filters, effects, especially those that are 3rd party, will take full advantage of your system as well.  Other times you'll see a low CPU load because something's relying on the video card instead.  In regards to buying hardware, having a better processor when only a couple cores of it are used, is still going to be better than a lower end processor with only a couple of the cores being used .


                At least that's what I've experienced.  IMO your RAID speeds look fine, I doubt it's disk throughput that's the hold up.


                - wb

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  This is an impossible question to answer without in depth knowledge of your system and the conditions under which this occurs, so I can only give you some general feedback on what may influence this behavior.




                  Windows maintains logs on what you do with your system, it runs background services, like polling your network connections, checking for new devices added, possibly indexing and compressing files, writing temp files, checking for bluetooth activities, running background processes like anti-virus, firewall, anti-something, search indexing, automatic updates, JS schedules, mDNSResponder, etc.


                  All these services and processes steal CPU cycles from Adobe.


                  Low GPU usage


                  This can happen when there are few MPE accelerated effects/transitions in the timeline or they are placed relatively far apart, or the number of tracks is limited or .... a myriad of other things.


                  Low CPU usage


                  This can happen when the CPU is waiting for other components in the chain to finish their allocated tasks. Consider the chain of events from disk to CPU to memory to GPU to VRAM to GPU to CPU to memory to disk and during all these transfers, Windows does its housekeeping.




                  Check how many processes are running in Taskmanager when choosing All Users or check with Process Explorer. If it is more than 40 - 50, start by killing off all unneeded processes. Also look here Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista... which also applies to Win7.


                  Also run the PPBM CS5 Benchmark to see if there are any weaknesses in your setup




                  Even on the fastest systems,  the GPU usage will hardly achieve a load of more than 40 - 50%, but CPU usage may well reach 80 - 99%, depending on the circumstances.