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    Paste Into and Rotation

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      I have a row of images that are more-or-less the same size. Each image frame is rotated 12°. I thought I might be able to make the size more even if I made one frame, duplicated it for each image, used the distribute controls, then pasted the contents of the images that were already placed into these new frames, and then fit the image to the new frame. I made sure that the content was selected when I copied, and the frame was selected when I pasted-into.


      The problem is that because the frame I copied from was rotated (and thereby the content), when I pasted into an already-rotated frame, the rotation was cumulative (24°). I tried a few experiments, but any time I copy from a frame that is rotated, that rotation is added to the frame I paste into, whether it is rotated or not (an image copied from a rotated frame pasted into a non-rotated frame has the image rotated, while the frame is not).


      Is there a step I'm missing, or is this just the way it is?

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          Sorry, I should have added that I'm using ID CS5 (7.0.4) in Mac OS 10.6.6.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Place the images into the rotated frames, don't paste.

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              I think you misunderstood me. I have 18 images of chainsaws that are already placed on the page, and I'm trying to make them more uniform in size and position on the page. I'm copying the contents of each image frame and using File>Paste Into to move them into frames that I have positioned on the page. I'm not pasting from Photoshop, I'm using an InDesign command as directed—to paste a placed image into an existing frame.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I understood you completely. To avoid the cumulative rotation you must rotate only one component. I think you would find it faster to ratate the frame, set the fitting options, duplicate the frame and distribute, then place the images (Select them all if they're in the same folder), even if you've already got them on the page than it would be to cut and paste one at a time, and you eliminate the double rotation without further work.

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                  It would be easier if I could just place the images randomly in the frames, but there is a text frame with the price, description, SKU, etc., positioned below each image frame, and the images are named by SKU. The placement on the page is not in ascending order by SKU, so I would have to either read down a list of SKU numbers, find where on the page that frame is, click, find the next SKU, click, etc., or do each frame one at a time and select the correct image. I can't use the little cursor preview that you see before you click because one chainsaw looks almost exactly like the next, especially at that size.


                  I can't imagine that I'm the only person who uses Paste Into in this way, and it doesn't seem likely that cumulative rotation is something that they planned when designing this feature.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    In that case I would either just unrotate the frames from which you want to cut the images, or add a compensating counter rotation to the first frame before duplicating, or use the transform again commands to remove the rotation from one, then select the rest and remove it from those.

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                      OK, now this is wierd. I'm at home now, where I have CS3, and it acts completely different than the CS5 I have at work. If I paste a rotated image into a rotated frame, it retains the rotation of the source. In other words, my specific issue of pasting a 12° image into a 12° frame would result in 12°, not 24°. If the frame I copy from has no rotation, it will have no rotation in the 12° frame it's pasted into.

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                        mckayk_777 Level 2

                        If you where to look in your links pallete it will highlight the name of the file you are about to place