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    how to delete a selected row from datagrid and how to create a datagrid popup

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi friends,



                    I am new to flex.i am doing a flex4 application,i need help for this.


                  i am having a data grid with columns.i have two questions.


                 Ques 1: when  i selected a partiuclar row from a datagrid and click delete button  means that record will delete from the datagrid and DTO from the cloud  tables also.


                  Ques 2: when i save  the data grid values using save button means that data will store in  respective cloud DTO which is related to the datagrid,


                       My requirement is i am using a search button when i click the search  button it will show a datagrid that datagrid will contain the previous  datagrid datas which is saved in the cloud.



      REQUIREMENT example: first screen:           i am using with data grid 3 columns (Student Roll number ,Student Name,Student pecentage)---->save--->data will store in cloud DTO.



      Second screen:                search button ----> it need show  datagrid popup.it will have data which we saved in the first screen with same columns(Student Roll number ,Student Name,Student pecentage).



      This is my requirement.


      Any suggession welcome.



      Thanks in advance.