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    How do I fix this audio?


      I bought software called Vodburner that records Skype conversations.  I tested it out a few times and it seemed to work fine, but this last recording had terrible audio on the recipient's side.  Here's a clip:




      So I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 to edit and I don't know the 1st thing about audio but was looking for ways to improve this.  Any suggestions?  Appreciate the assistance.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Am I correct, that it is the first part of the Audio (the very quiet passage) that you wish to address?


          If so, you can adjust the Volume for those passeges. This ARTICLE will give you some tips, as there are several ways, and several places that one can do this in PrPro.


          For addressing things like "background noise," this ARTICLE might be useful, though uses Audition, or SoundBooth, or other audio-editing programs.


          Good luck, and if I missed what you need to do, just correct me.




          PS - welcome to the forum

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            kramer9673 Level 1

            Hi Bill,

            Thank you for the reply.  I guess I should've been more clear.  Its actually the other part, the audio from the person with the white hair in the video.  The quiet part is actually fine.  Its very clear (it gets louder throughout, this is just a clip), and I wanted the audio from the person in the video to sound clearer as well.  Right now it sounds a bit echo-ey and not as natural as I would like. 


            Thank you,

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Got you. The echo can likely be softened a bit, with EQ adjusted, but is probably a result from the mic and maybe the speaker's proximity to it, plus some reflections from the room, and maybe even a bit of delayed feedback, if the person's speakers were on. Getting it to sound pure will be a real task, but the EQ, and then application of a Compressor Effect should improve things. [Edit] Also try adding some Gating with High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters. With poor mics., and micing situations, there is often not much that can be done.


              Audition, or SoundBooth, will offer much more control, than PrPro will. However, even with Audition, one might have to settle for some distortion.


              Good luck, and thanks for that clarification.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Also, some echo can sound and look (Waveform) rather like Silibance (though it is not exactly the same thing), so perhaps the De-Esser Effect with adjustment, will clean a bit of that up. Worth a try.


                Good luck,



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                  kramer9673 Level 1

                  Thank you Bill.  You gave me a lot to start with.  (And a lot of terms to look up and learn.  ;-)   )


                  I really appreaciate your help.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Most welcome, and just be prepared for some critical listening, and tweaking "knobs."


                    Creating that tinny sound is far easier, than eliminating it.


                    Good luck,