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    place a picture in a PDF using FDF file


      Hallo, I made a form which is connectet trough a FDF to our ERP. In the ERP the picure is linked, the size is 25mm x 28 mm x 150dpi.


      My problem is that only the link as string is transferd to the PDF.

      You know how I can "render" this link to a rasterimage ?

      At the moment I open the Link in ERP, copy the picture in the memory and aferwords I place a watermark in place. This shold be automated ...


      The TopLeft angle of the picture is 213mm x 162mm considering the Top Left angle of the printed A4 sheet 0 mm x 0mm.


      It would be great.


      N.B.: I worked on Acrobat professional X because so I can create the FDF files, in the LifeCycle environment isn't possible.


      Thank you to everybody how know's a solution. I guess that a JavaScript could be a solution ...