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    Problem installing a FB 4 license to another machine

    Aurélien ONG

      Hello all,


      I have a problem installing a FB 4 (not 4.5) license from a machine to another.


      Here's the original setup :

      - a machine A with a FB 4 Premium license, FB being installed as an Eclipse Plugin (Eclipse being in French), with AIR 3.

      - another machine B on which I installed an evaluation version of FB 4.5 (in French) as an Eclipse plugin, with AIR 3.5


      I need to to be able to work with FB on the B computer.


      - I deactivated FB on the machine A

      - the 4.5 evaluation version was expired on B

      - I tried to register the FB 4 license serial number and got an error message "The serial number in incorrect for this product"

      - I deinstalled FB 4.5

      - I tried to install FB 4 from the installer used on machine A - A & B are the same model - but it never works, it stalls indefinitely a various points.


      I could use some help with this