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    Will a Serial Number for Photoshop CS5 Work for CS5 Extended?




      I've recently subscribed to Photoshop CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5.5. In my Order History, it says 'Photoshop CS5', not 'Photoshop CS5 Extended'. However the download links in my Order History does not work (yes, I do have Adobe Download Assistant--in fact, I used it to download Dreamweaver CS5.5 without any problems).


      So, I decided to download the trial version instead and enter my serial number that way. However, the problem is that I see Photoshop CS5 on Adobe's Products page, yet when I click on it, it leads me to Photoshop CS5 Extended.


      I don't want to waste my time downloading CS5 Extended, only to find out that my serial number for CS5 does not work on it. So my question is: Will a Serial Number for Photoshop CS5 work for Photoshop CS5 Extended?



      Thank you for your time!