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    Help with a "buggy" site

    buffalonickel Level 1

      Hey guys,

      I finally got my domain with my flash site up on it. It's a fairly simple site, but I have been having a lot of times (especially with optimizing and making it fast) Im still having speed issues, even though I have linked every image, optimized every image, etc. So I guess thats my first questions: any secrets I may not have heard of for optimizing?

      Second, when you open my site you will see some other bugs. My homepage is what I call a clicktable, and as soon as you click a square, a dotted line surrounds the entire "workspace" like it is outlinging the exact size of my catalyst document. This appeared out of the blue..I have no idea why (it was up on another server with no problems). Another problem is when you click to different pages things kind of spaz out (you will see what I mean)...another problem that never used to be there. If anyone has any tips on any of this I would be very grateful! Also, any critique in general. Thanks!