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    Strange problems in IE9

    cathykimball Level 1

      I have a new website nearly ready to launch:



      I was at the stage of having my client and friends test it in all the various browsers and platforms.

      To my surprise the only browser it is having trouble with is IE9. I have not upgraded my work computer because I like to keep what most of my views will be likely to be using on my main computer. I did get a new laptop which has IE9 on it (which I do not normally use since I tend to use Chrome or Firefox). Whe I viewed it on IE9 all sorts of strange things were happening. First it made the entire page about 2/3 the size that it appears on other browsers, except for a Flash Catalyst SWF where the imported images appeared normal size but the container was 2/3 size. It called for a newer version of Flash which I downloaded and installed but it did not change. It still called for a newer version of flash.


      Other strange things were, on the lists of links with a horizontal rule between each it just dropped out every other hr. This makes no sense and really messes up the design. I clicked the compatability mode but it did not change the results.


      This website is very clean and simple, deliberately, since my clients want to update content themselves. There is really nothing fancy or unusual in it.


      I would appreciate it some of you, using IE9 on either platform, could look at the site and let me know if you are seeing the same issues. I did a quick Google search of IE9 problems and saw several pleas to find out how to go back to IE8. Are there more issues I should be watching for? I am not quite up-to-speed with HTML5 and CSS3 yet and I would not want to design without older browser compatibility.


      Any suggestions or observations would be appreciated.