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    New Build Questions

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      Hello everyone, thanks for answering questions and providing information so far. My first build has been pretty smooth. I installed all the hardware and software without any issues. However I"m new to Windows, so I'm used to slightly different approach or applications or tools are in a different location that are not so easy to find at times.


      Windows is up and running smooth, temps are all good, quiet, no problems upgrading, no hangups or crashes, which is great for one afternoon.


      1) I'm not sure if I configured my disk the right way when installing Windows. I'm used to doing this on a Mac that has a different approach. So, I booted to the Windows optical drive and went to install. I had to format the disk and it wouldn't let me continue unless I agreed to let Widnows make a partition if necessary so I only formatted one disk at the time, out of 6 that I installed. So, after install, I went back to Administrative tools to go back and format the rest of the 5 disk. First the Computer Management tool is hard to find in System and Security in Control Pannel. In Mac it's right there in an easy to find file called Utilites and Disk Utilities. So anyway in Disk Management I was able to format the rest of the disk and give them letters. I noticed my 6 disk are called Disk 0-5, so Disk 0 is the first disk, disk one is second disk. I hope that is ok. Also noticed that my C: drive is Disk 4 and had (Healthy, Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition.) So I suppose this is ok? I'm stumped as to what a Crash Dump is and how or why it got there? hmmm


      Then drive 0 which is first disk and the one I remember formatting and installed the OS only had 100 MB that was "System Reserved" (System, Active, Primary)


      I gave drive 0 the last letter I: and expaned the space from the 100 MB to format the entire drive.


      However, I'm not sure what is going on here as I'm unfamaliar with this approach.


      I created my back up location to a single disk H: the #5 disk and backud up and created disk image.


      So is this all screwed up or what? I'm used to the OS being on one disk and not sure which one that is and what happend. I'm also experienced with Mac back up and disk imaging applications, Carbon Copy Cloner, Super Duper for when I need to copy over the entire contents of an OS disk to a new disk.


      It's great that I could build this entire computer from scratch and have it up and running smooth. So, I know this must be very basic but was hoping someone might explain to me how I should go about setting up my harddrives. What kind of formatting, should I zero them out, what back up or disk image works if I need to reformat the drives and move OS and program files to another disk without having to start over with install disk.


      Also, I only see 16 GB of Ram instead of 24 in the Tools about the computer. Does it need to index? Do I need more drivers for Asus Rampage?



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          "Also, I only see 16 GB of Ram instead of 24 in the Tools about the computer. Does it need to index? Do I need more drivers for Asus Rampage?"


          This means your memory, Uncore, QPI, and voltage are likely not setup right in the bios.


          The 100mb partition is the BCD location for windows boot manager and that is on another disk besides the OS drive which is not recommended.




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            Thank you Eric. The RAM is now working. It wasn't seated all the way, only about 1/16 of an inch so now it is at 24 GB.


            I'm also getting more familiar with Windows. It was really basic navigation in the Control Panel that now is straightforward because the full selection wasn't visable.


            I think you are right about the boot being one one drive and the OS on another. I need both the #1 disk and #3 to boot up and start windows.I made a mistake in the set up by selecting the #3 because I didn't want to use the 6.0 SATA plug for the program file. (too much thinking ahead)


            So how can I get them back on the same disk? I suppose now the #3 disk isn't bootable and the #1 boot disk can't get reformatted or made bootable with a backup that was made from the #3 disk? The Asus Rambage MB also only lets me choose between 1 disk and the optical drive for boot order.


            Or is the only optioin a clean install starting over with the Windows disk? Could I still make a bootble disk image off the #3 drive and use that to resotor a hard drive?

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              I ended up doing a clean install and reformatting the drives. It was a bit of a juggling act but had a chance to test out some back ups and some BIOS settings for the boot up drives. So far I'm impressed with Windows. Some things are a bit more intuative than Mac and some things a bit less. All in all everything is fast and working like a cham!