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    sharedObject and Caching issues




           I am working on a project where I am using sharedObject to store data for a favorites list. The project contains 2 swfs, one in AS 3.0 (using Flex 4.5) and the other an AS 2.0 flash 8 project.  Basically the AS 2.0 project read and writes data to the shared object and the AS 3.0 project just reads the data.




           OS: Windows 7

           Flash Player: 10.3

           Browsers: IE 9, IE 8, Chrome 14, and some misc Firefox testing -- Chrome seems to be working the best.




           First off it has been extremely hard to get consistent results across different computers so if anyone has a suggestion as to why that would be (other than different browsers, different flash player versions, different flash player settings/global settings and different OS versions) because I have been making sure all that stuff is consistent across devices for testing purposes.


           1. It appears that some computers/browers won't store the shared object at all even though everything to allow it is turned on.

           2. Some computers/browsers will store it, but won't update until I refresh the page


      General Questions:


           1. Is the storage of sharedObject object data in a .sol file configured the same in both AS 2.0 and AS 3.0 and if so, would this be a means of communicating between two swfs running off the same domain?


           2. Is it possible to have a browser cache sharedObject data(the .sol file)?


           3. I have noticed as new flash player releases are coming out(especially recently i.e. 10.3) I have had to make a lot of repairs to the actionscipt 2 stuff.  Is actionscript 2 support slowly being phased out? Is anyone else experiencing the same problems?



      Possible Solutions/Findings:


           I am starting to believe that it has something to do with browser caching since Chrome seems to perform the best and Chrome has performed best when it comes to browser caching issues.





      ** code is available if needed but since it was working before I don't think it is relevant.