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    Loading Variables from a php file

      Im trying to get the stats from a shoutcast radio stations into flash so i can manipulate them into a nicer looking site.
      Anyway, ive identified the line on which the stats are updated (its in a php file, line 48):

      <stong>Current Song:</strong></b><p><marquee> Morel&#x27;s Grooving Again - That Melody [Morel&#x27;s Groove Mix]</font></p>

      and i was wondering the following things:
      is it possible to have flash load only this line of text from the php file,
      how do i get flash to recognise "<stong>Curren Song" as the variable
      how to get flash to recognise the colon sign as meaning that that is waht the variable is equal to,
      and how, once flash recognises the parameter, to remove the formatting code from the text.

      Or is there an easier way of getting this variable into flash, like using some kind of self-updating html file...

      help would be much appreciated.