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    Creating a good viewing DVD from multiple source material


      I’m relatively new to Premiere Pro CS5 and will be creating a video of my son’s class trip to Washington DC.  I’ll be creating MPEG2-DVD’s for distribution to the trip attendees in which the majority of the viewing will be on HDTV’s.  My source video footage is as follows:

      50% - 720x480 (1.2121) D1/DV NTSC 29.97 Lower Field

      40% - 720x480 (1.2121) D1/DV NTSC 29.97 Upper Field

      9% - 1280x720 (1.0) 30.00 Unknown Field (but I’m guessing Progressive)

      1% - 640x480 (1.0) 29.97 Progressive Scan


      I also have quite a few digital photos that will be incorporated in the video (zoom/pan) that are sized anywhere from 4320x3240 to 1728x1152 (all square pixels).

      I’m looking for advice on a strategy to produce a good quality DVD for my targeted audience, such as I do change (Modify->Interpret Footage) any of the source material, what Settings might I use when creating Sequences (particularly the Fields and Display Format values), what Field Options might I use for clips on a timeline (do I need to De-interlace?), and what Export Settings would I use when encoding to MPEG2 (especially the Field Order to use)?

      Any thoughts or pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.