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    Very Slow Performance




      So I just switched to PPCS5.5 from FCP7 - I'm an experienced editor looking for a few pointers in the new workspace.


      So my main question is whether the sluggish response I am getting in PP is normal.


      It seems way, way, slower than FCP in the response time it gives me just when traversing the timeline.


      Scrubbing, clicking my CTI to a different point in the timeline and even pressing play give me a delayed (sometimes several seconds) response.


      Also when bringing in DSLR footage - which is mostly what I work with, it takes forever until I can actually edit.  I get a "Conforming (filename)" message while it goes through each file.  Literally takes 10-20 minutest to do that.


      I have an 8 core Mac Pro with 12 GB ram... the most beefy mac money could buy when I got it a year ago.


      Running Lion.


      The reason I made the switch was because of Adobe's marketing that PP can edit the H264 QT's from my Canon 5D natively.


      I am creating the sequences by dragging the footage to the "create new comp" icon, so I think the settings are all auto-created.


      Please someone tell me this is not normal....



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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          Several things jump out, and I'm not one of the gurus on this list:


          Search the forum for H.264.  You'll learn it's one of the worst codecs for editing, due to the Long-GOP structure, and what you need to work with it smoothly on a Mac (transcode).  Yes, you can edit natively, but you probably won't like it.  Delayed scrubbing IS normal.  Transcode all your footage to an intraframe codec like ProRes, and you'll have an entirely different (better) experience.


          There's a combination of factors that affects whether native editing is worth the hassle.  Some times it is.  Other times, not.  I fear if I tried cutting a feature with lots of footage native, I'd end up like Jack Torrence in The Shining.


          Lion?  Why?  Why?  Why?  The Pioneers get the arrows.  The Settlers get the land.


          I believe the "conforming" message means that Pr is building PEK files, for your visual audio waveforms.


          Welcome to Pr.  I'm in the same boat as you (switching from FCP), and have only been on this forum for about a month.  I like Pr, and this is a very helpful forum.

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            i have the same problem with my Mac, i use PP and 5DII but i dont get smooth footage after export, i dont know how. i use H.264 and lot of people told me about MPEG streamclip to transcode my footage to ProRes or NDx somthing ....but still not smooth, the footage still abit shaky and like inrelace footage.

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              needles27 Level 3

              Welcome to Premiere, and to some disappointment (for now). I have a post on this exact issue a few weeks ago (with video sample) and there is no resolution. Clicking on 5D clips in the timeline delay updating in the program monitor up to 4 seconds. Sluggish dragging. I have the same machine as you, and it is confirmed by a few posters that there are real issues with MacPro editing with Premiere. I am hoping Adobe is watching all of these threads to see all of the problems that mac switchers are having.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                We have a couple of known issues with scrubbing performance with some kinds of DSLR footage, and we're working on fixes for those right now. I can't give details of specific versions, but I will say that we're committed to making fixes for some of these issues available as soon as possible.


                See this page for resources about making Adobe Premiere Pro (and After Effects) work faster.

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                  Toomany3 Level 1

                  I use 5Dm2 and 7D footage all the time.  I have a fast RAID-0 and I'm on Windows 7.  I get good playback with the footage without any major complaints until I start adding some effects.


                  Without effects, I can sometimes even view 3-4 cameras in multicam if I have the playback set to 1/4 resolution.


                  Add ANY effects to this and then I'm in the same boat as you.

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                    needles27 Level 3

                    Todd, sometimes my tone on the boards is negative, because I have nowhere else to vent. But I appreciate your updates, your commitment to making the software better and for your help. My exasperation is only high because of the tremendous promise I see with the suite. When the few mac bugs are worked out, this will be a no-brainer move from FCP. Thank you.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      Thanks for the kind words. We understand the frustrations, too. We also get frustrated when we realize that we let an issue slip through.

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                        ProCreative123 Level 1

                        OK... so I understand there are issues, but I am a professional who depends on editing to pay the bills.


                        The number one reason I made the switch was because of Adobe's marketing message that Premiere would edit h264 DSLR footage natively.


                        Is this true, or smoke & mirrors?


                        If it is true, what do I need to add to my machine to guarantee real-time editing of Canon 5D footage?


                        Currently I have a mac pro with:


                        2 x 2.26 GHZ Quad-Core Intex Xeon Processor


                        12 GB RAM


                        NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB


                        Running Lion


                        Matrox MXO2LE


                        Running Premiere on internal system drive.


                        Footage stored and edited on a seperate internal drive.



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                          JFPhoton Level 3

                          ....although I know little of the Mac side of things....I can tell you that I am not doing bad with a laptop that has 16 gigs of memory....you can see the performance increase of having more memory on the results page of the website for benchmarking editing performance...PPBM5....go there and test your computer.


                          Also,your NVidia card needs to have at least 1 gig of DDR5 memory, not DDR3, to get good performance....I dont know what yours is . Apply the easy "hack" to enable the Mercury playback engine to any CUDA NVidia card that meets the previously mentioned requirements. You can even find a website that has a little free program to do the hack for you,( don't know if I should advertise that).


                          As written about extensively on this forum, HDD configuration is very important.....look up Harm Millard's chart for how to configure 2,( not great), 3 (better), or more HDDs.


                          All must be 7200rpm minimum and the "load" spread across them.....i.e.   OS and programs, pagefile on C:, project files, media cache files and database, and footage on D:, previews and exports on E:


                          I have seen some comments on the Apple OS limiting,or, "gimping" the performance of PPro....after all, the 2 companies are not " best buddies!!"....I don't know if that's true,but, you may want to explore that.


                          Anyway, a good place to start is the PPBM5 website to test and compare your machine.....then, read a lot on this forum to see how you may improve things....there's a ton of info here.



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                            x9blade Level 1

                            same here, really bad scrubbing,moving on timeline. add any effect and performance actually gets worse. i also purchased adobe products because of all the ads of top video guys saying that  premiere is able to handle dslr footage (i work with only dslr canon footage) with no problems. this is not true in my expierience ,ive tried it on 2 different computers with the same results. main computer is an i7 with 16 gs of ram w764


                            ive been investing more money into my main computer that i use for video. i first got into production premium version 5, purchased within the grace period

                            of 5.5 but in the end had to purchase 5.5 wasnt happy about that. also i jumped to 5,5 because performance in 5 was again really not going well for me on my system. called tech to discuss and was told the surefire way to get over this is to get 5.5. 400 bucks later,same slow results.


                            purchase a  zotac gtx 580 with 3gb of gddr5 no improvement another $600 finally ssd os drive $200 no improvment.  i come from sony vegas and i can easily scrub and work smoothly in vegas with the same footage tham makes premiere choke. this was on same computer


                            this is not a bash  just want the product to work smoothly. i cannot get any promised work finished because of bad perfomance in PP. work comes to a grinding halt. hope to get this sorted and start working in PP i really like the program if it would work for me

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                              I can tell you for a fact that CS5.5 is very noticably slower with scrubbing H.264 footage, as compared to CS5.0.3.


                              It has nothing to do with CUDA or your HD configuration either, as those have little or nothing to do with decoding compressed h.264 footage.


                              I edit AVCHD from the panasonic HMC150.  I upgraded recently from a Q6600 w/ 8 gigs of ram to a Sandy bridge 2600k w/ 16 gigs of ram.


                              the cs5.5 trial w/ AVCHD footage on my sandy bridge system performed about as well as CS5.0.3 did on my Q6600 system.  I was pretty surprised that this drop in performance wasen't reported sooner. It sounds like they are aware of it and are working on it, which is good.

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                                Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                                It is nice to know Adobe is doing something about slowness in CS 5.5 re H.264 or even AVCHD , there is no slowness in Sony Vegas GPU Accelerated set up for H.264 and AVCHD and it is not costly in their consumer 11 software. Worth a try untill Adobe get their act to-gether ?

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                                  I'm experiencing the same troubles just in the past week.  I've never had this much trouble with Adobe Premiere until this week.  & trust me, no other programs are giving me such troubles of running slow, crashing, etc.  So it's not my laptop.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Can you give us more info on your Assets, your Sequence setup and then the full specs. of your laptop? The more, the better.


                                    trust me, no other programs are giving me such troubles of running slow, crashing, etc.  So it's not my laptop.


                                    What are the other programs that run smoothly and quickly, and are you editing the same footage with those?


                                    Good luck,



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                                      RFendelman Level 1

                                      Does Vegas work on a Mac?

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                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                        Please install the Premiere Pro CS5.5 (5.5.1) update and let us know how things work after that.

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                                          needles27 Level 3

                                          Fixed this for me.  Very slight delay in updating the program monitor now when clicking through the timeline on H.264 clips - but so slight that it may not be worth griping about.  However, the scrubbing is great!


                                          This was the biggest headache for me (along with the timeline clip dragging sluggishness, fixed with Lion upgrade) and now with this new update, I am finally happy to be a FCP switcher.  Thank you!

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                                            nlphoto1234 Level 1

                                            Hey, all!  Another FCP switcher here.  Purchased Prodution Premium just a little while ago, and since Adobe folks are listening on this forum just wanted to add my 2 cents.  Before I begin, I want to explain where I'm coming from so I don't get people upset...  I do have a few gripes compared to FCP, but they are fairly minor.  On the other hand, I believe in Premiere as a product and want to give feedback that I hope will lead to future improvements.  I'm excited about the direction Adobe is taking with this software, and am encouraged by the fact that Adobe has been so actively taking customer feedback into account.  I've used Adobe products of one variety or another for 15 years now, so I imagine I'll be using them for quite a while!  So anyway, here we go.


                                            I work on two computers, one's an 8-core Mac Pro @ 2.4 GHz with 8 GB DDR3 (Snow Leopard), the other is the current top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 17" with 2.3 GHz processors and again 8 GB DDR3 (Lion), and I've installed the CS 5.5.1 update.  Granted, this Mac Pro isn't state of the art, and if I were in charge of purchases for it I'd opt for the CUDA card to take advantage of Mercury Playback Engine with hardware acceleration.  Unfortunately I don't have options to upgrade that Mac Pro (my employer owns it, not me), and I've maxed out processor and RAM on my personal MBP.


                                            While editing at this point in time, the "Native" workflow still isn't as fast as transcoding and using ProRes, which is a little disappointing considering that Premiere's native workflow is one of the main marketing messages that get people excited about it (myself included). 


                                            I don't have any hard scientific data of response times or anything like that, but when scrubbing or editing using H.264 out of a 5DMkII, it just isn't as snappy as using ProRes.  Occasionally, what's frustrating is tha Premiere will freeze up when scrubbing on the timeline...  I'll scrub across and the image in the Program Monitor freezes, and in 20 seconds it finally "unsticks."  If there are a bunch of cuts in a row, Premiere might to start to drop frames and chug, I haven't had this problem with FCP.  It's given me a sort of visceral reaction when I go to cut something now, being worried that I'll run into this again.  If I have to play back a 10-second sequence 3 times to get it to play smoothly, while 30 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, it adds up quickly.


                                            I took a look at the "improving performance" link above, and the amount of info there is great, but dang...  It comes across as a bit overwhelming  It's like "whoa...  there are 14 links to different things I have to do to get Premiere to perform at its best?!"  And that doesn't include the extra explanation links below that...  I think there's probably more like 30 or 40 links on that page.  Kudos for completeness, but I think it also makes it look much more cumbersome than it is.


                                            I am a technical guy, I've done most of the stuff listed there already, but I've been spoiled by FCP where, even on systems slower than the ones I'm using now, the speed of basic editing tasks are still faster out-of-the box than Premiere, I didn't have to sift through 30 links and figure out what might be slowing it down.  So coming from the long-in-the-tooth but extremely fast and reliable FCP 7, this is really the only thing I miss - "it just works," and I didn't need to do any extra legwork or upgrade hardware for it to perform at optimal speeds right after install.


                                            Anyway, thanks for listening!  I expect even greater things from Premiere in the future.

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                                              needles27 Level 3

                                              I'm with you.  The latest updates did go a long way to help things (if you think is is bad now working with H.264 out of the 5D, you would have given up immediately with the 5.5 release)  but I still feel like you do.  It doesn't "just work" like FCP did.  (I'm sure people will come up with small examples of how FCP didn't "just work," but for the most part, the software got out of the way and allowed for the create part to take over.)  I think you captured my thought too - a visceral feeling like I am working with something fragile.  That is a tough way to edit.


                                              I do sound a negative tone in a lot of posts, but I do see the potential.  My best moments are when a dynamic link goes out to AE and back to PPro and then over to Encore (and doesn't crash) - then I feel excited about this software. 

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                                                klowndbp Level 1

                                                It makes sense that it's more sluggish than ProRes in FCP..... a compressed Long GOP codec like h.264 is always going to scrub and play worse than an intraframe codec like ProRes, all things being equal.


                                                My biggest gripe is that it's still very noticably worse than CS 5.0.3 was. I'm fine with the 5.0.3 performance, as I know I can only expect so much editing 1080p AVCHD files natively.